Where do your duds come from??


So the other night I watched a doco on the Rana Plaza tragedy that occurred in a Bangladesh clothes factory and I was totally saddened by the plight of the young women who end up working in such appalling conditions.

I mean who doesn’t love a cheap, bargain buy am I right? Bargain clothing is so appealing to me because I don’t have to think about it too much. If I buy it and it doesn’t suit me or if I only get one season’s wear out of it then I really don’t mind. But when I’m really laying down the cash for a new pair of boots for example I totally agonize about the decision. So cheap clothing is appealing for different reasons. But how removed are we from the reality of where that article of clothing has come from? And how much shit do we actually need?!


I love travelling for so many different reason but one of them is the feeling of lightness and freedom that comes with only having a few clothing options in your pack. I mean occasionally  it can feel boring to be limited by what you can carry, but to get up every morning and not have to think much about clothing combinations feels very freeing. The older I get the less I care about traveling with heaps of clothes. I look at my male friends who are totally happy to wear THE same things over and over and I think hey I can do that too and not have the stress of a super large bag to lug around!!

So I’m going to take this philosophy and try to apply it more to my everyday life. Not have too many clothing options – and make those options more considered – not the super cheap stuff I’ll probably wouldn’t have bought if it was twice the price!!

How about you? What informs your purchases? Do you think about wear your clothes have come from? Are you happy to splurge on classic pieces you know you’ll wear and wear or do you go for the cheaper on trend stuff and then part ways?

Color Run – FUN!!!!

Weeeeeee! 3 more sleeps until Color Run New York!

Aww yeah peeps, I’m totally excited about my first Color Run! It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – totally on my bucket list for shiz! All my friends totes rave about it so this year I’m taking the plunge!

You might have heard me bang on about my bucket list that I was inspired to compile after my beloved daddy passed last year. It was totally unexpected and he wasn’t that old really. It got me totally reevaluating my life goals and I got to work writing up my bucket list.

So one of my bucket list items was – you guessed it – start a blog! So here I am with my first, shiny post! Another item was to have more adventures, but specifically, to travel to some crazy exotic places and to also do a color run. So I happened to be in the Big Apple this week and saw that the event is on so it’s totally meant to be – right! I’m super pumped! Not only to be participating but to feel like I’m ticking shit off my list yo!

So I’m doing some prep for the run after being inspired by Ben Greenfield’s blog. The Color Run if you are not familiar is a 5km run that takes place in various cities around the world. Participants have to dress in white and on their journey they pass through stations at which they get sprayed with different colors! At the completion of the run there’s big celebrations with music, dancing and different food vans etc. It’s meant to be an awesome party and participants will take home some fab memories and photos!

So while it all seems fun – I can’t forget that it is a 5km run which is not a walk in the park… for me anyway! I’m a little unfit of late so I’ve been trying to do a little bit of training in preparation. I’m making sure that my new sneakers are well worn in and that I have some cream for my calves which can get sore – especially if I have to run on the road surface. I checked out this blog at http://www.jointpainreliefreviews.com for some inspiration about what I can use for my gammy calves and also for general aches I’m sure to have after the race!

So I’m totally pumped to be ticking off the Color Run off my Bucket List! I’ll be thinking about what the next thing is for me to conquer while I’m pounding the pavement haha! So what about you? How about sending me a message via the Contact page and letting me know what’s on your Bucket List. Maybe you can inspire me! We need to keep each other inspired as it’s so easy, peasy to just let life take you along without taking control.

Let’s grab the bull by the horns and have a colorful and meaningful life!

It’s waaaaaaay too short dammit!

Catch you on the flipside!

Sheree XO